Smart lighting makes your life easy

Smart lighting makes your life easy

Smart lighting widely used in Meeting Room,Office,
Living room and dining room,School,Aireport,Library,Hospital etc.

Lighting schedule, record your wonderful moments

When consumers encounter major festivals such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, etc., the schedule setting function provided by the Smart Home Lighting App can also help consumers to design the lighting atmosphere that matches the festivals in advance, and in the same year every year. Time execution. If you feel that the lighting atmosphere you designed is not good enough, the cloud scenario library provided by the Smart Home Lighting App supports the free combination of dynamic scenarios, allowing your DIY lighting ideas to be effectively implemented.

It is worth mentioning that the lighting design in all scenes supports real-time preview of interface lighting effects.

"Discover" section, "Discover" new lighting design

However, the lighting scene setting is not a recurring event. To increase the retention time of users on the App, excellent social content is essential.

Compared with the lighting apps on the market, the new "discovery" section of the smart home lighting app has set up a communication bridge between brand owners, designers, and consumers. In this section, brand owners can flexibly configure major content sections, conduct personalized content operations, create their own brand ecosystem, and maximize commercial value. Consumers and designers can also publish their excellent works in this section to achieve maximum exposure. Consumers can also look for lighting design cases that meet their own aesthetics in the sector, and use this as a reference for lighting design.

Low-cost development of brand-specific apps

Smart Home Lighting App also supports various brands to quickly develop exclusive branded lighting App in a short time. The IoT development tool provided by Tuya Smart allows developers to complete App interactive interface design in one minute and generate lighting OEM App in 10 minutes.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the Smart Home Lighting App has also opened up the access ports of different types of equipment, allowing other smart devices to access, interconnecting with smart lamps, and jointly building a good home environment atmosphere for consumers.

The smart home lighting app provided by Tuya Smart refines the development path of the smart lighting industry and makes the future prospects of the industry more and more concrete. When the wave of intelligence hits, smart home lighting App will fully play the role of "light effect creator".

At the moment, smart devices are already overwhelming. The problem of "how to turn traditional devices into smart devices" is no longer the biggest pain point and difficulty. The biggest pain point and difficulty lies in how smart devices can better meet the needs of consumers in life?

Focusing on the lighting industry, IoT has enabled smart home lighting to shine, but for lighting companies, they can do much more than that, and simple equipment intelligence is far from enough. Only on the basis of intelligence and create rich scenes for consumers, can smart lighting be truly integrated into consumers' lives.