About high brightness and low glare LED panel light

About high brightness and low glare LED panel light

LED panel light product design and development requirements are based on different lighting forms, from LED panel light source package design, drive design, and LED overall light optical design to design and develop products. The project focuses on solving: light performance (light distribution) technology, LED thermal performance (structure ) technology, electrical performance (electronics) key technology, the whole lamp structure design, the product achieves color rendering index> 85, light efficiency> 90lm/W, electro-optical conversion efficiency> 90%, mission mission 50,000 hours.

In terms of innovation in LED light source packaging technology, SMD packaging is used, and EMC LED wire brackets are used. Compared with the traditional PPA bracket, it is lighter and thinner, and has the characteristics of heat resistance, thermal conductivity, and anti-yellowing. In the technical scheme of LED drive power supply, DC constant current input is required for the normal operation of LED. The lifespan of the current LED drive power is the biggest shortcoming of LED lighting products. Power drive energy loss consists of three parts: conduction loss, switching loss and static energy loss. The driving power developed by M-Alite mainly realizes different voltage and current output through external resistors or different dial combinations, so as to adapt to various lighting needs and continuously improve the brightness of LED light sources. The low current configuration is adopted to provide sufficient margin for the maximum current to ensure the life of the LED products. In the structural innovation of the LED panel light: LED is used as the light source, and the light-emitting surface is formed by the light guide plate and/or diffusing parts. Thin surface light-emitting lamps, including The overall thickness of the control device, the cooling device, the optical element and the related components is not more than 70mm, and the light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance to form a uniform plane luminous effect, the illumination uniformity of the lamp is good, and the light is soft. In addition, the whole lamp adopts the frame splicing structure of corner connectors, the outer frame structure realizes the unique internal shape of the model by extrusion of profiles, and the positioning grooves such as PCB positioning groove, light guide plate, diffuser plate, back plate reflective film, etc., ensure that the LED light source is in the best condition. , There are special positioning blocks at both ends of the profile to fix the PCB board, in addition to ensure that the LED light source and the light guide plate are close to each other, so that the LED light source is in the best lighting state, and the positioning block is used to correct the PCB and the light guide plate. A corner connector is used between the profiles and the profiles, which are used for the frame splicing structure of the LED panel light.
The product design is simple and elegant, and is widely used in office lighting and public place lighting, replacing traditional lighting products such as grid lamps, fluorescent lamps, and bulb lamps. The high-brightness and low-glare LED panel light is now the main economic pillar product of our company, and has a certain brand influence and popularity in the industry.

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