Thank you for your support, we will keep working hard to provide high quality led bulb,indoor luminaires,outdoor luminaires,smart lighting products and first-class service. 
M-alite has built up its core strengths through a full range of market research. It make the best of the goods and products have passed ENEC.CB.CE.RoHS.SAA.INMETRO.SASO,BV,TUV,ERP approvals. 
In the future, our team can do more for you!

 Service Concept 


Customizing:Personalized design can be carried out according to customers'requirements to meet the needs of different customers.

Fast response:If customers ask for quality problems, M-alite will quickly respond to customer requirements and customize a set of practical solutions in 24 hours, to help customers solve problems as soon as possible.

Customizing:All M-alite products are guaranteed for 2 years,3 years,5 years as you need. Products with special requirements can be guaranteed for 10 years, If quality problems occur during the guaranteed period, M-alite will provide products or accessories and relevant maintenance if necessary.

 Business Concept 


Privacy Protection:We are not just another lighting factory, we are your luminaire factory, Ensuring the privacy protection of cooperative customers.

Competitive Price:For our technical capacity to design and develop and its production at the lowest cost, ensuring its competitivity.

On Time Delivery:We have a strong manufacturing capability to ensure that customer orders can be delivered on time according to the contract.

Fast Response:We assumed that we will be wrong some times but we quickly and efficiently respond in order to find a solution.

 One-Stop Lighting Solution 

Shape Design
M-alite has a senior professional and experienced team of shape design, skilled in all kinds of 2D, 3D design software and rendering software applications. In addition, the company also cooperates with Southwest University and several creative media companies to grasp market trends and fashion trends and develop new lamps and lanterns to lead the market and creativity.

Optical Design
M-alite company has a professional optical design team for lighting fixtures. It is skilled in the design and application of various optical design software. At the same time,M-alite company also cooperates with many famous optical lens manufacturers in China, which can achieve the goal quickly to development and manufacture of optical devices and perfect support in lighting optical technology.

Structural Design
M-alite has a senior professional and experienced lamp structure design team, skilled in the application of 2D and 3D design and modeling software, many designers are engaged in the lighting field more than 20 years of experience, at the same time familiar with the lamp thermal analysis, structural stress analysis capabilities, to ensure the optimal design of lamp structure.

Electronic Design
M-alite has a professional LED lamp driver and system control design team, with the ability to develop and solve the embedded system to intelligent lighting system; familiar with lamp control technology and application software programming, master DMX control technology, DALI control technology and various protocols and other information and data communication technology.

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