How to choose professional LED conference lights?


How to choose professional LED conference lights?

Nowadays, many conference rooms are not only used for meetings. With the development of economy and technology, many units, schools and enterprises often use conference rooms as video conferences, lecture hall conferences, multimedia conferences, academic discussion training conferences and so on. For these meeting room lighting requirements, dedicated LED meeting room lights came into being. So how to choose professional conference room LED lights, there are the following standards for reference.

First: The illumination of the dedicated LED conference light is not less than 700lux, and the color temperature is 3200K to 5600K. It can ensure enough light illumination on the rostrum to meet the balance of the camera image, so that the face of the leader of the rostrum is evenly lit and the picture is clear.

Second: safe and radiation-free. The light quality is good, there is no strong radiation such as ultraviolet and infrared light, and the glare is small. It is a typical green lighting source.
Third: long life. The quality of lamp beads depends on chip quality and packaging technology. The quality of the chip determines the brightness and light decay of the lamp bead. Good quality lamp beads not only have high luminous flux, but also have small light decay.

Fourth: high light efficiency, low heat. LED conference light is a cold light source, and its calorific value is much lower than that of ordinary lighting fixtures. Therefore, the leaders on the podium of the meeting will not feel the heat of the lamps.
The selection of conference room lamps is also different for different usage scenarios. They all have their own characteristics and advantages, and need to be comprehensively selected according to the actual situation and budget. When choosing a conference room surface light, you need to choose according to the size of the conference room, the distance of the top of the podium, the ceiling or the opening.

The choice of conference room lighting
According to the distance of the floor height of the conference room, the first consideration is the irradiation distance of the conference room surface light. Generally, the floor height is less than 6 meters, and the LED video panel light is used as the surface light of the conference room. If the floor height of the conference room is between 6 meters and 10 meters, LED spotlights can be used as the surface light of the conference room. If it is more than 10 meters, the LED imaging light can be used as the surface light of the conference room.

The choice of the hanging method of conference room lamps
According to the factors of whether the ceiling of the conference room is open or not and the height of the floor, you can choose the hanging type and the embedded type. The ceiling installation is generally a relatively large conference room with a high floor height, such as a multi-functional hall conference room, a large lecture hall, etc. This kind of conference room has a relatively complete function and can be used for meetings, reports, speeches, parties, press releases, etc., so the installation There are also more lamps and lanterns, which are generally installed in the hanging type, and the LED TV panel lamp can be selected as the surface light.

The installation of embedded surface lights is generally only used for conference rooms, such as video conference rooms. This kind of conference room is usually only used for meetings, and it can meet the illumination and high-definition shooting. The embedded installation method can retain the overall beautiful design of the conference room, making it look tall and high-grade.
Conference room lighting is mainly used for rostrum lighting and leader face fill light. From traditional tungsten filament lamps, energy-saving lighting lamps to tri-color lamps, conference room LED panel lamps, conference room LED lamps can well avoid the defects of traditional lamps such as low brightness, no energy saving, easy to cause environmental pollution, high heat and other defects. Room lighting is preferred.

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